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HK PSG1(2019 Remaster)

Found my old model of PSG1 rifle, and decided to do a...what's that modern word....oh yeah, REMASTER!
So, I've started from updating UVs, adding more geometry in particular spots and of course, new textures in Substance.
My original 2015 model pipeline was: 3ds Max, xNormal, Photoshop+Quixel Suite (1.0, or maybe even beta), Marmo Toolbag 2.
Nowadays I prefer to use another set of software: 3Ds Max, Marmo Toolbag 3(as texture baker+previewer), Substance Painer.

Also, This time I decided to try a new thing to me: V-Ray. Few renders were made using it.

Vadim andreev psgrender2


Vadim andreev psgrender3


Vadim andreev psgrender


Vadim andreev screenshot000
Vadim andreev screenshot010
Vadim andreev screenshot002
Vadim andreev screenshot003
Vadim andreev screenshot004
Vadim andreev screenshot005
Vadim andreev screenshot001
Vadim andreev screenshot007
Vadim andreev screenshot008
Vadim andreev screenshot009
Vadim andreev screenshot006